That there is a God-shaped void within us is more than poetry, it is reality. The void creates a feeling of just that – a void. A hollow, empty feeling. A painful, utterly dissatisfying feeling. A fearful, weary, lost feeling. No one was made to feel empty. Everyone was made to feel whole and filled.


As I was driving home on a Sabbath, I saw the sign of a large Lutheran church. It read: “Traditional Music: 9:30am |┬áContemporary Music: 11:00am” It’s like a menu to the passerby Christian looking for a church. Oh, traditional music sounds a little old and rusty, so let me try out the contemporary music at

Dumb Sheep

Sometimes the questions of the world seem too complex for the mind to wrap itself around, too overwhelming to grasp for meaningful answers. What is wrong with my spirituality? What’s wrong with my ministry? What can be done to achieve more balance in my life? When will I find the right one? Have I been

Investigate Me

Perhaps Christ knew what kind of theological controversy the church would be embroiled in, because He gave a single method by which we can know for sure whether what one believes or does is right – their fruit. Christ said, “Ye shall know them by their fruits,” and He was perfectly wise in saying so.


Saying no is harder than saying yes. Waiting is unfairly longer than enjoying. Longing is a stronger feeling than having. Time makes all things steady. Suffering now brings healing later. Giving up is to never receive. Hunger is usually better not fed.

Up and Away

Self. Therein lies the root of all evil in mankind. Every vice, every horrible act, every inconceivable thought comes from this place called self. Self is within each one of us. We are born enslaved to self. Self is parasitic to our soul. Self drives us to look at itself, to focus all energies, attentions,

All Things Well

The miserable life of a man who was both deaf and mute was transformed the moment Jesus touched him, looked up to heaven, and said “Ephphaptha”. In their amazement, the people said “He hath done all things well; he maketh both the deaf to hear, and the dumb to speak.” As a child, it’s so